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Research Institutes

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As the core center for Japanese scientific research and observation of the polar regions, the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) engages in comprehensive research via its observation stations in the Arctic and Antarctica. It is also an inter-university research institute that provides…
Japan - Akishima

JEOL designs and manufactures scientific instruments for high-level research and development activities. The customers include scientists and engineers working in leading-edge academic and industrial laboratories around the world. JEOL products and services enable them to pursue a variety of R…

The Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) is a private research center and Think Tank, founded in 1970, and invested by the various companies of the Mitsubishi Group. It employs around 900 people with diverse skills in offices in Tokyo (Nagatacho), Osaka, Nagoya and in Washington, D.C.

Nidac works on all technologies related to motors, ranging from fundamental to application, and create innovative products that contribute to society well into the future.

The Wyss Center is a non profit neurotechnology research foundation, located in Geneva, Switzerland. The center is part of the campus Biotech  (former Merck Serono building). It was founded by Hansjörg Wyss.

The mission is to accelerate the development of neurotechnology for human…