Università della Svizzera italiana

  • Lugano
  • Mendrisa
  • Bellinzona

Università della Svizzera italiana


Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) is an international research- and student-focused university, located in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. It is active in several academic disciplines, among which architecture, communication sciences, computational science, data science, economics, health studies, humanities, informatics, law, medicine and biomedicine.

A hub of opportunity

USI is a young and dynamic university, a gateway to the future and to the world. Students are offered quality and interdisciplinary education, enabling individual empowerment, full engagement, and international careers, while researchers are given the freedom to pursue their initiative. Around 2800 students and 800 professors and researchers, hailing from over 100 countries, convene every day on the three campuses in Lugano, Mendrisio and Bellinzona. The small scale of the campuses encourages the free flow and open exchange of ideas between students and faculty.

A different perspective

USI benefits from its unique position, at the same time decentralised and at the crossroads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, where swissness meets Italian style. At our University, we cultivate original perspectives and constantly seek unexpected paths. Hence, we welcome anyone who wants to surprise and be surprised, and encourage all members of the academic community to reveal and enhance their potential, curiosity and willingness to experiment new ways of thinking, learning, teaching and working.

Young at heart, forever

We take advantage of our youthfulness: slender and swift processes, proactivity and agility are only few examples of the benefits in joining our University. Coupled with responsibility in every action, this freedom allows to broaden new horizons, in a sustainable way.

So, why USI? 

  • Leading education and research
  • Direct dialogue with professors
  • Opportunities for individual initiative
  • Strong connection with the business world
  • International, dynamic and welcoming environment: small scale, broad reach
  • 1 hour away from Milan, 2 hours away of Zürich
  • Renowned tourist destination for leisure, culture and nature
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