Swiss Open Innovation Webinar (July 21, 2020) – Exploring Possibilities for Collaboration in the Fields of Food and Nutrition

July 21, 2020, 16:00 - 17:20
Zoom webinar (online)
The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO); Swiss Business Hub and Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan

With a 200-year-long history of food innovation, Switzerland is home to many renowned companies and research institutes dedicated to nutrition production. In light of this, the country plays an important role for developing sustainable food solutions and contributes to global issues such as food waste reductions through active engagement in international open innovation projects.

The latest attempt in this regard was the establishment of the “Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley”. Addressing the challenges of the future of food and nutrition from a sustainability perspective, the initiative aims at solving global issues by creating innovation with partners from all around the globe.

We are pleased to announce that its founding members–Nestlé, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), the Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud–will present their activities at the Swiss Open Innovation Webinar on July 21. Join us on Zoom and learn more about the Swiss food ecosystem including an introduction of cutting-edge science and technologies for food and nutrition, and possibilities for Japanese-Swiss collaboration in this field.

The event is organized by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in collaboration with the Swiss Business Hub as well as the Science & Technology Office Tokyo at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

Time (JST) Time (CET) Speaker Title
16:00-16:10 9:00-9:10 Mr. Takashi WADA
Director General, JETRO Geneva
Innovation in Switzerland
16:10-16:20 9:20-9:25 Mr. Fathi DERDER
Managing Director, Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley
Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley: a unique ecosystem
16:20-16:25 9:20-9:25 Ms. Yuliya BLASER
Project Director, Innovaud of Canton of Vaud
Canton of Vaud, champions of food!
16:25-16:35 9:25-9:35 Mr. Oliver NUSSLI
Nestlé R&D Meat Alternative Platform Lead
The Nestlé Accelerator (with startup examples) and the new packaging Institute
16:35-16:45 9:35-9:45  Mr.Christian SCHWAB
Director, EPFL Nutrition Center
Activities of EPFL Nutrition Center and Swiss strategic areas
16:45-16:55 9:45-9:55 Ms. Zina SINGER
Head of Innovation Pole, EHL
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL): Innovation village
16:55-17:00 9:55-10:00 Mr. Chris RINSCH
CEO, Amazentis
Amazentis: the next Swiss Success story in Nutrition?
17:00-17:10 10:00-10:10 Ms. Kyoko SUZUKI
Head, Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan
Switzerland’s focus on food and nutrition innovation
17:10-17:20 10:10-10:20  

Q&A Session (please use the chat function for questions)