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March 30, 2019 00:04 - 00:04

We would like to invite you to this year's Swiss Alumni Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) event 2019 in Ichigaya/Iidabashi area, Tokyo.

We will take a stroll under blooming cherry blossoms along the moat from Ichigaya and then go to an Izakaya restaurant in Iidabashi for an early…

February 27, 2019 12:00 - 14:00
We are pleased to invite you to our February Luncheon with the new SCCIJ President.
In this conference, Architect Hiromi Hosoya will introduce the future of “Industrious Cities” through ongoing projects in Zurich and research in Harvard University, while rethinking the urban industry in the actual digital age.

At the January Luncheon organized by SCCIJ, Dr. Hiromichi Shirakawa, Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Head of Economics Japan & Chief Economist at Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited will speak about “Trade disputes and Japan – Focuses and Outlook 2019”. The speech will discuss the…

December 19, 2018 19:30 - 22:00
The Holiday season is drawing near, and so is the 22nd edition of the “Swiss Young Professionals Gathering”!The principle remains the same: facilitating exchange between Swiss young professionals, Swiss students and friends of Switzerland living in the greater Tokyo area.
November 22, 2018 18:00 - 22:00
The Swiss Club Tokyo and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, under the patronage of His Excellency the Ambassador of Switzerland to Japan Jean-François Paroz and his spouse, invite their members and the members of the Japan-Swiss Society, the Swiss Society of Kansai, including…
TechBIZKON brings together startups, VCs, leading companies and tech specialists from the Austrian, German, Japanese and Swiss AI ecosystem. This is an international pitch-run, exhibition and networking event for AI solution providers, start-ups and investors with the objective of accelerating the…
The Technology Workshop – Towards the CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan 2019 – was a great success, attended by more than 60 guests from academia, industry and government. The teams who will participate in the CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan 2019 presented their research as well as the different…
October 17 - October 22, 2018
This autumn, the team that won the first CYBATHLON comes for the first time to Japan to present its latest wheelchair going up and down stairs.