Honda Prize

Honda Prize

Application Deadline

The Honda Prize is an international award that acknowledges the efforts of an individual or group who contribute new ideas which may lead the next generation in the field of ecotechnology. The Honda Foundation has given one award every year for a variety of research results.

The Honda Prize does not merely consider scientific and technological achievements from the viewpoint of new discoveries and inventions; it also takes into account entire processes that would bring out, apply, or share new frontiers in ecotechnology and a broad range of related scientific fields. Supporting top runners in science and technology who have created new value is our first step towards helping to solve the problems we are directly faced with. From this point of view, we at the Foundation want to put a spotlight on achievements in a variety of fields based on a wide perspective in the future.

The award amount is 10 million yen

It's a closed nomination. Only appointed organizations or members may nominate candidates.

Please contact our office.