Information & Communications Technology

Elite Ushio lights the way to next-gen computer chips in Japan
Chipmakers have spent two decades pouring investment into a revolutionary new technique to push the limits of physics and cram more transistors onto slices of silicon. Now that technology is on the cusp of going mainstream, thanks to a secretive Japanese company that’s mastered the skill of manipulating light for applications from squid fishing to cinema projection.
Nikkei wins Japan's top media award for feature on personal data
Nikkei Inc. on Wednesday received Japan's top media award for its feature series investigating the issue of internet data and privacy and shedding light on the social and economic implications of the rise of global technology platforms such as Google and Facebook.
BOJ's Kuroda sees 'new sources of growth' in bank-fintech teamwork
Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda on Wednesday emphasized the potential growth that banks and fintech companies can spark if they work together, acknowledging the expanding role of financial services provided by companies outside the conventional banking industry.