General Interest

General Interest
Entrepreneur's message to Japan's forgotten non-college-educated youth: You can choose your life
It wasn’t until he turned 18 that Daisuke Kuse saw businessmen dressed in dapper suits up close and personal. Until then, Kuse — having spent all of his childhood surrounded by working-class families and friends in a small town in Kyoto Prefecture — had barely the foggiest idea of who they were.
The future is now: AI aids foreign residents
Minato City Hall has [...] established a service for, basically, anybody to ask questions and have artificial intelligence answer right away in English and easy Japanese, depending on what users choose.
Mitsubishi and Panasonic lose permits to hire foreign trainees after violations
The Justice Ministry said they have stripped manufacturing giants Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Panasonic Corp. of accreditation to accept foreign trainees under the Technical Intern Training Program, for ordering such workers to perform tasks other than those specified in their contracts and other violations.