General Interest

General Interest
Tokyo's Shibuya Station now equipped with anti-flooding facility
A company that has been building a number of skyscrapers around Tokyo’s Shibuya Station over the past several years has completed a huge underground facility, tasked with safeguarding the major transit hub against flooding in times of torrential rain.
Nintendo hits record as world plays games during pandemic lockdown

Nintendo posted its highest ever operating profit for the April-to-June quarter, logging a 427% rise to 144 billion yen ($1.3 billion), the Japanese gaming giant said on Thursday, as lockdowns and other social restrictions brought on by the coronavirus led to a surge in demand for its popular Switch console and game titles.

From gamers to dogs, Japan forges ahead in smart clothing

A virtual-reality jacket that replicates the sense of touch, a belt that predicts when a pregnant mother will go into labor, and even a vest that monitors the health of your precious pooch: these are just some of the products emerging in Japan's fast-growing market for smart clothing.

Japanese brokers say goodbye to 'hanko' seals on contracts

SMBC Nikko Securities, a top Japanese brokerage house, will allow clients to open an account without the need to provide hanko seals on their contracts at all its branches starting this month. All they will need is a Nikko sales representative to fill in a form on an iPad and take photos of their IDs using the tablet.

Virus-fighting tech becomes central to Japan's smart-city vision

As the Japanese government moves forward with its promotion of smart cities, the ruling party seeks to turn this marriage of technology and infrastructure toward combating pandemics.

The Liberal Democratic Party envisions using data from antibody testing to publish information on how infections are distributed geographically. The condition of patients with mild or no symptoms could be monitored with wearable devices and made freely accessible to the public. Broader use of telemedicine is in the proposal as well.