General Interest

General Interest
Japan's ruling party works to rein in Big Tech
Japan's ruling party is crafting legislation to protect consumers and smaller businesses from technology companies that operate dominant platforms, such as, Facebook and Rakuten, Nikkei learned Wednesday.
Meetings aim to close gender gaps, promote diversity
This year, Japan will host the G20 summit in June in Osaka, as well as the fifth World Assembly for Women (WAW!) and the Women 20 (W20) Japan 2019, which will be held jointly at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo in Chiyoda Ward on March 23 and 24.
Student-led climate rally envelops the globe
WELLINGTON - A global day of student protests aimed at spurring world leaders into action on climate change to protect the planet for future generations kicked off in Australia and New Zealand on Friday.
Entrepreneur's message to Japan's forgotten non-college-educated youth: You can choose your life
It wasn’t until he turned 18 that Daisuke Kuse saw businessmen dressed in dapper suits up close and personal. Until then, Kuse — having spent all of his childhood surrounded by working-class families and friends in a small town in Kyoto Prefecture — had barely the foggiest idea of who they were.