Fukushima Robot Test Field

  • Minamisoma City and Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima Robot Test Field


Developed under the Fukushima Innovation Coast Concept, the Fukushima Robot Test Field is one of the largest research and development bases worldwide, where R&D, verification tests, performance evaluations and maneuver trainings can take place. For this, the actual use environment of the base can be used by field robots of land, sea and sky, such as aerial vehicles, disaster response robots and underwater exploration robots.

It will comprise:

- An area for unmanned aerial vehicles, with a runway, a wide area flight zone/communication tower, an airfield with impact absorption net, a heliport, a building for continuous operation durability test, as well as a wind tunnel building.

- An Area for underwater and water-surface robots, with a field for submerged city area and a building for indoor water tank test.

- An area for infrastructure inspection and disaster response, with a test bridge, a test tunnel, a test plant with a test preparing building, a city area field, as well as a debris/landslide field.

- A development base area, for tests against wind, rain, water, dust, fog, water pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration, as well as radio waves.

It has been opening sequentially since FY 2018.