Intelligent Operating Theater

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Intelligent Operating Theater


Intelligent operating theater is the novel operating theater for 21st century which has an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit and a newly developed real-time update navigation system. Intraoperative MRI compensates the brain deformation and shift during treatment, and assists interventionalists by its accurate and objective information. It achieves "evidence-based medicine (EBM) in operating theater", and the intuitive visualization of medical information is definitely advantageous for surgeons and patients. The intraoperative MR images are immediately and automatically sent to the real-time updating navigation system and the interventionalists can operate patients using the real-time and reliable information.

In FATS, we are studying about new imaging instruments (coils, surgical instruments), protocol/sequences optimization and development for MR-guided neurosurgery, and highly reliable navigation systems. Also, we are now trying to develop and assemble MR-compatible neurosurgical robot system for Intelligent Operation Room, which provide Advanced Eyes/Hands for surgeons.

In our faculty (Advanced Techno-Surgery TWMU), we research and develop technologies which improve the safety of surgery. The brain is very soft and delicate organ like "tofu", which has very ramified function. "Brain Surgery" is to treat very fragile and complex organ, and there are strong needs of systematic training for surgeons to improve the safety of treatment. It is inevitable to develop new surgical systems that support surgeons. Especially, it is important that the systems can help surgeons identifying the area to be removed or preserved while the safety and accuracy of surgery is assured. To achieve them, we are trying to develop new technology that assists surgery in cooperation between staff from industries, universities, and government, under the idea of Medical/Engineering Cooperation and Speed & Innovation.

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