NEC Future Creation Hub

  • Tokyo
  • Osaka

NEC Future Creation Hub


NEC Future Creation Hub is a place where technology and business come together through interactive dialogue and direct experience to create the future together.
Our expert team of “digital all-stars” tackles clients’ challenges head-on and works to resolve social issues.
Business designers, data scientists, technology evangelists and other innovators team up with our global clients to jointly develop programs that generate social value for the next generation.

Bringing the world together in an open innovation hub Innovative problem-solving and new business creation.
Breakthroughs that create future social value.
This is where it all happens. Experience the possibilities of new technologies and the vision of NEC firsthand through various programs.

Please contact the NEC sales department if you would like a tour.

NEC also operates this co-creation hub for customers in the Kansai area. Guests can experience the cutting-edge technologies that support digital society, identify vital issues through dialogue, and collaborate to find solutions that create new value.

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