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Fukuoka has a population of 5.1 million and is the 9th largest prefecture in Japan. 16K foreign students are enrolled to universities, and yearly there are in total 25K students graduating, out of which 6K are majoring in Science & Technology.

Invest Fukuoka is a prefectural government organization to support the development of the Fukuoka area and to attract foreign investments.
There are several grants and subsidies for foreign investors available.

Key clusters are

The current automobile production has reached more than 1.5 million cars per year. The target is to achieve the production of 1.8 million cars per year while 70% of all parts are produced in the Kyushu prefecture.

The Fukuoka Hy-Life project aims to realize a hydrogen-based society. Research targets the production, storage, transportation and usage of Hydrogen.

The Fukuoka Bio Valley Project covers more than 200 biotech related companies in Fukuoka.

Medical and Assistive Devices:
companies, hospitals, universities and government agencies are collaborating with each other.

The Fukuoka Ruby Project has more than 7000 creators and designers around the programming language Ruby.

In the field of robotics, more than 250 companies have brought more than 200 products to the market. Current efforts are around IoT, medicine, welfare, food and agriculture.

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