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Category 1: Smart Cities


Securaxis solution monitor and exploit urban sound to help cities to improve operations while saving money and to answers citizens’ worries about privacy and sustainability. The technology combines Acoustic with advanced Artificial Intelligence and data science to add the missing layer to smart cities: the hearing. Securaxis sounds analytics focuses on uses for smart cities. Direct applications are traffic based smart lighting, traffic monitoring & analytics, safety & security, wildlife monitoring, among others.

Contact: Mr. Gaetan Vannay, Co-Founder (



The first step of developing a city climate system is the installation of a meteorological sensor network (air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, etc.) within the city. meteoblue has developed several tools to assess the best sensor locations within a city and in the surrounding areas. Once the sensors are installed, meteorological data can be received real-time via API, web, FTP or mobile app. Meteorological data are quality controlled and corrected for e.g. radiation measurement errors. The sensor network is key to provide reliable information for managing a city’s climate change mitigation measures.

Contact: Dr. Karl G. Gutbrod, CEO (



YASAI offers Vertical Farming as a Service based on a circular economy for Smart Cities. We aim to create local & circular food systems for the health & well-being of people, plants & planet.

Contact: Mark Essam Zahran, Co-Founder & CEO (


global id

Global ID has developed a biometric identification system based on the 3D fingervein biometric identification that cannot be replicated, with a guarantee of privacy. This innovation is the result of the collaboration of 3 leading Swiss and world-renowned laboratories in cryptography and biometrics. Identity theft, cybercrime, data theft, these increasingly sophisticated threats generate increasing losses. It is imperative to rely on a tamper-proof identification solution with controlled cost management.

Contact: Riccardo de Filippo, Strategy and Sales Development (


Category 2: Smart Health


Patients suffering from urinary retention are unable to urinate properly, which strongly affects their quality of life. To date, catheters are the most commonly used therapy for bladder emptying. However, they are very often the main cause of urinary infections. Our patent-pending technology is the world’s first non-invasive solution for urinary retention. Our product is a handheld device, which aids bladder emptying by generating a urine flow while urine contact is avoided.

Contact: Dr. Francesco Clavica, CEO (


hi d

One person dies every 1.7 seconds all around the world from cardiovascular diseases. Hi-D Imaging develops the world's first AI based pre-operational planning tool which enables physicians to perform personalized planning and allows to improve patients' quality of life after the cardiac operations.

Contact: Dr. Utku Gülan, Co-Founder & CEO (



Brain surgeries are highly complex procedures requiring advanced training and skills. SurgeonsLab introduces a new brain surgical simulator for training medical residents and brain neurosurgeons for complex microsurgeries on a patient-specific case basis. The simulator was validated with 25 users and it is getting prepared for commercial use in the market from March 2021.

Contact: Mr. Fredrick Johnson Joseph, Founder/CEO (


Category 3: Humans & Machines


WayRay is specialized in holographic AR (augmented reality) solutions for the automotive industry and beyond. The core advantages of our products include their broad field of view, their compactness and the comfortable distance at which virtual images are projected.

Contact: Mr. Philippe Monnier , Director (



AVAtronics develops High Performance, Wideband Active Noise Cancellation technology for Consumer Electronics and Transport Industries. The Embedded Software (licensing business model) can be integrated in headphones, smart TVs/Speakers/phones and cars, trains, airplanes and provide a noise-free user experience in the noisiest environments.

Contact: Ms. Jeyran Hezaveh, Co-Founder/CEO (



Animatico develops human-like avatars which listen and read to the people in front of the screen. The aim is to revolutionize human-machine interactions, in particular th interactive kiosks in retail, hospitality, smart cities, etc. Our value propositions are the intuitiveness, charme and touchless nature of our characters.

Contact: Dr. Riccardo Roveri, Co-Founder Animatico (



Scandit is the leading enterprise mobility and data capture company, specializing in barcode scanning solutions that transform business processes across industries including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and retail. Through its software technologies and cloud services, Scandit empowers organizations to rapidly build, deploy and manage mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. The resulting solutions offer a lower total cost of ownership than traditional, dedicated devices.

Contact: Ms. Hisako Hayama, Marketing Manager (


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The online event is organized as part of #SwissTech, a campaign organized by Presence Switzerland in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise and supporting institutional partners Innosuisse,
digitalswitzerland and the swissnex network. The campaign aims to promote Switzerland as a leading high-tech nation that has much to offer international investors and foreign companies.


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