Japan pledges ¥1 trillion to spur LNG demand and growth
The government has pledged an additional $10 billion (¥1.1 trillion) in public and private financing to liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects worldwide, in order to help spur demand for the cleaner fossil fuel, trade minister Isshu Sugawara said on Thursday.
Fuel cells to receive boost with pledge of 10m vehicles
An international conference on fuel cells that is scheduled to open here Wednesday is set to call for powering 10 million vehicles -- including trains, planes and automobiles -- with the environmentally friendly technology in 10 years, Nikkei has learned.
Tokyo to start reward points system
The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to introduce its own electronic currency, in a bid to ease the commuter rush during next year’s Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and reduce the use of plastic shopping bags that contribute to marine pollution.
Japan to use plastic waste for chemical production
Japanese engineering company JGC will build facilities that convert plastic waste into raw materials used for chemical production, the corporation said Wednesday, a move that will help process discarded plastics no longer accepted by China and other emerging nations.
Trapping CO2 into concrete to be cheaper
Sixteen Japanese companies will support efforts to capture carbon dioxide emissions and turn them into fuel and industrial materials, seeking to mitigate damage to the environment caused by the continued use of fossil fuels.
Expand use of weather data to help businesses flourish in various fields

Many industries such as retail and tourism are affected by the weather. It is hoped that meteorological data will be used for business purposes to stimulate the economy.

The Japan Meteorological Agency gathers data from rain gauges and thermometers in various locations as well as satellites. A huge amount of data, including past observation records and future forecasts, can be said to be valuable public assets.