Kioxia Corporation to Expand 3D Flash Memory Production Capacity by Building New Fabrication Facility at Yokkaichi Plant

Kioxia Corporation, the world leader in memory solutions, today announced it will begin construction of a state-of-the-art fabrication facility (Fab7) at Yokkaichi Plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan to expand production of its proprietary 3D Flash memory BiCS FLASHTM. The construction of Kioxia Corporation’s Fab7 facility is expected to commence in the spring of 2021.

Contactless technology finds new markets amid pandemic
Buttons are so last year. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, elevator makers and various other businesses are finding a new selling point in non-contact products that rely on motion sensors and facial recognition technology to work.
Sensors in Asics ‘smart shoes’ let you figure out how to run better
Runners craving advice on how to improve their style and form need look no further than down at their shoes. Asics Corp. on July 21 began accepting reservations for orders of its new Evoride Orphe “smart shoes,” which feature built-in sensors that offer a visible way for runners to analyze their performance.