Material Science

Material Science
Tokyo university startup develops coronavirus-catching fabric

Zetta, a spinout from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, also known as Tokyo Tech, has developed a nonwoven nanofiber material that can be washed repeatedly without losing its ability to protect the wearer from viruses. The startup, based in the western Japanese city of Matsuyama, plans to get into the business of making masks from the high-tech fabric.

Trip to 100-yen store nets Gifu teens scientific accolades
What’s the most interesting thing you can do with a pocket full of change and a trip to a 100-yen (90 cents) store? Two Gifu high schoolers say they can soon use that kind of bargain-basement shopping spree to do things such as detect substances in industrial waste liquid and radioactive water from a nuclear power plant.
Titanium tape gives surgeons stronger tool to fix pacemakers
When stuff breaks, in a pinch many turn to tape to slap all sorts of things back together. But while taping together human muscles and body tissue would seem a stretch, doctors will soon be able to do just that, thanks to a group in Japan that invented an extra-strong titanium tape.