Tokyo university startup develops coronavirus-catching fabric

Zetta, a spinout from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, also known as Tokyo Tech, has developed a nonwoven nanofiber material that can be washed repeatedly without losing its ability to protect the wearer from viruses. The startup, based in the western Japanese city of Matsuyama, plans to get into the business of making masks from the high-tech fabric.

Sony to develop avatar robot with ANA startup
Sony looks to enhance next-generation robots from avatarin, a startup launched by Japanese carrier ANA Holdings, as interest grows in remote-control machines that can take the place of humans amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.
AI redraws Japan's labor-intensive anime industry
Stuck at home with no place to go as the new coronavirus lingers, many people remain glued to streaming services for a way to while away the time. The perfect window for mainstream anime and manga to pick up their game and pump out more hits, one would think.
Japanese startups focus on fertility issues to help retain female staff
Okayu cared deeply about her job in IT sales -- and also about the fertility treatment she was having. Eventually the 30-year-old decided it was impossible to reconcile both and unwilllingly resigned after concluding that her workplace could not accommodate her need to attend the fertility clinic at short notice.