Artificial Intelligence

Toward 'Blade Runner': Future robots will look and think like us, Japanese android maker predicts
Set in 2019, cult ’80s movie “Blade Runner” envisaged a neon-stained landscape of bionic replicants genetically engineered to look just like humans. So far that has failed to materialize, but at a secretive research institute in western Japan, wild-haired roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro is fine-tuning technology that could blur the line between man and machine.
How AI and robots can lead us to utopia

Technological innovations in the field of artificial intelligence are making such enormously rapid progress it is often said that all production facilities will become unmanned and a large majority of clerical work will be taken over by AI. This has given rise to an extreme theory that either AI or robots will replace humans in many jobs, pushing the unemployment rate close to 50 percent.

How Japan can win in the ongoing AI war
Can Japan compete in the global battle for dominance in artificial intelligence and robotics that is under way? A long-standing strength in AI research gives the United States an advantage that is reinforced by the deep bench of AI talent at its numerous universities and tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.