Life Science & Medical Technology

Seniors with good vision are more socially active

Researchers have found that elderly people in Japan who are socially active tend to have good eyesight and that visual acuity helps determine the level of social participation for senior citizens. 

A team of researchers, led by Yoshimune Hiratsuka of the Department of Ophthalmology at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine, recently published the results of a study on the relationship between visual acuity and social participation in the Social Science and Medicine journal.

The team conducted a survey in 2016 of about 22,000 people who were aged 65 and older.

Omron's factory robots report for virus-fighting duty

Omron has begun global sales of automated carrier robots fitted with ultraviolet lights or disinfectant sprayers that can sanitize hospitals and schools to prevent coronavirus infections, the Japanese company said Friday.