CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan 2019 Team Registration

CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan 2019
Team Registration 


You will find on this page the information related to the team registration as well as all the registration forms for the team, the pilot and the device.

For inquiries, please contact

Table registration


Onsite Mandatory Registration Procedure

In addition to the submission of Registration Forms, safety review process of device (TecCheck) and pilot (MedCheck) need to be passed according to protocol. MedCheck, TecCheck and training on the race track are mandatory. A predefined slot on May 4, 2019 will be attributed to each team.


   Team    WHL Series Registration Form

   Pilot (MedCheck)

   Pilot Registration Form

   Support Person

   Support Person Registration Form
   Device (TecCheck)    TecCheck Protocol
   Risk Analysis Template
   Risk Analysis Example
   Rules    Race Task Description 
  *Please disregard the rules for other disciplines.