Toyota grabs pals for ride to connected, electric future
Toyota Motor's expansion of its capital partnership with Subaru aims to help Japan's largest automaker develop a balanced worldwide network for emerging technologies such as self-driving vehicles, as upstarts vie with established players to set global standards.
Japan pledges ¥1 trillion to spur LNG demand and growth
The government has pledged an additional $10 billion (¥1.1 trillion) in public and private financing to liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects worldwide, in order to help spur demand for the cleaner fossil fuel, trade minister Isshu Sugawara said on Thursday.
Taiwan to extend bullet train line in boon to Japan players
Taiwan will add a new section to the south end of the high-speed railway traversing the island's western coast, its premier said Tuesday, a move likely to create opportunities for builders and newly served areas.The project is of particular interest to Japanese companies, who have provided shinkansen bullet-train technology, as well as all the rolling stock, for Taiwan's high-speed railway.
Japan's 'supreme' bullet train aims to impress Texas with speed
Central Japan Railway, also known as JR Tokai, on Thursday granted journalists their first test ride of the company's newest shinkansen bullet train, which clocked in at speeds topping 360 km per hour, breaking the all-time record for the rail operator.
Japan to greenlight 5G base stations on 200,000 traffic signals
Japan's government will allow NTT Docomo and its three major mobile rivals to set up 5G base stations on traffic signals, hoping to reduce the cost and time it takes to roll out the ultrafast networks by taking advantage of the nation's high density of traffic lights.