Information & Communications Technology

'Star Trek'-style 'teleportation' the new thing in travel
How might you feel if you wanted to go to Hawaii, could book a trip at home via a website and then instantly find yourself transported to a palm-fringed beach with blue sky and gentle breezes? The technology is not quite there, yet. But the day of such "Star Trek"-style teleportation is drawing ever closer thanks to a project developed by ANA Holdings, Japan's biggest aviation group, that has the immodest aim of "transcending the limitations of the human body."
Blockchain wins backing in Japan as Libra tips scales
Japan's big, established brokerage houses are opening up to blockchain -- the technology behind bitcoin -- in a growing recognition of its game-changing potential despite a year and a half of setbacks for cryptocurrencies.
Elite Ushio lights the way to next-gen computer chips in Japan
Chipmakers have spent two decades pouring investment into a revolutionary new technique to push the limits of physics and cram more transistors onto slices of silicon. Now that technology is on the cusp of going mainstream, thanks to a secretive Japanese company that’s mastered the skill of manipulating light for applications from squid fishing to cinema projection.