Information & Communications Technology

Japanese firms develop contactless technologies to tackle pandemic

Contactless technologies have come into the spotlight amid the spread of the new coronavirus as people have become more conscious of the risks of infection from touching doorknobs and buttons.

While wearing face masks has become commonplace, Glory Ltd., a money-changer manufacturer, has developed an advanced facial recognition technology that is capable of distinguishing a face even when covered by a mask.

Suntory offers big bucks to techies who can personalize drinks
Suntory Holdings has begun dangling annual salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to lure technology talent for its digital transformation, as the Japanese beverage maker leverages data to move beyond the 20th-century model of mass production for mass consumption.
NEC wins $190m deal to supply satellite to Vietnam
Japanese electronics company NEC has won a 20 billion yen deal ($190 million) to supply a radar satellite to Vietnam, highlighting an advantage traditional players have over startups in these times of economic crises.