Space & Aeronautics

Company developing laser satellite to clear away space junk

A laser beam in outer space that sends orbiting debris to a fiery end in the Earth's atmosphere may soon be a reality. 

SKY Perfect JSAT Corp. said it is developing a satellite that can shoot down space junk ranging from old, abandoned satellites to rocket parts still orbiting the Earth.

The Tokyo-based satellite broadcaster is developing the technology jointly with the Riken research institute and other parties, according to a June 11 announcement.

Japan’s Mercury space probe Mio bids farewell to Earth in swing by

Japan's Mio space probe now en route to Mercury to study its origin and evolution took advantage of Earth's gravity for a swing by to take a farewell photo of home.

Photos showing it whizzing far above Earth were also taken on April 10.

The probe, created and operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is expected to enter Mercury's orbit in December 2025.

NEC wins $190m deal to supply satellite to Vietnam
Japanese electronics company NEC has won a 20 billion yen deal ($190 million) to supply a radar satellite to Vietnam, highlighting an advantage traditional players have over startups in these times of economic crises.