Alliances & Technology Transfer

Bullet-train home delivery ready for service

Ever since Japan's first high-speed rail link opened in 1964 between Tokyo and Osaka, the idea of using the shinkansen bullet trains for freight transport has been around.

But obtaining land to set up a cargo terminal or creating a carriage specifically for packages required additional cost, and the plans never took off.

The US-Waseda Friends Network
With more than 610,000 alumni around the world, including 12 alumni chapters in North America alone, Waseda University, the No. 1 private university in Japan, understands the importance and power of networking.
JAXA and U.N. food agency join hands on global monitoring of forests
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization have agreed to cooperate on monitoring forests and mangroves — considered a sponge for greenhouse gases — around the world by using data from observation satellites amid deepening concerns over climate change.
U.S. and Japan to cooperate on energy and infrastructure investment to vie with China's Belt and Road

The United States and Japan have signed an agreement to jointly encourage more private investment in energy and infrastructure projects, the U.S. Treasury said Tuesday.

The Treasury said the world’s largest and third-largest economies “will work together to address regulatory, market, and legal barriers to private sector investment, and develop innovative solutions to deepen regional debt markets for energy and infrastructure projects.”

Temasek tech arm taps 'resilient' Japanese funders to widen reach
The venture capital arm of Singaporean sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings is diversifying its sources of funding by tapping an unusual group of Japanese companies and government agencies to fuel its global expansion at a time when many other investors feel skittish about cooling tech valuations.