RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project

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RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project


The RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP) was founded in 2016 as a research center for the MEXT-AIP Project. There are 3 main research groups:

1) Generic Technology Research Group
2) Goal-Oriented Technology Research Group
3) Artificial Intelligence in Society Research Group

Together with various companies, universities, research institutes and projects, the institute is tackling the following activities:

Development of fundamental technology:
Elucidating the mechanism of deep learning and creating next-generation AI technology based on novel principles.

Acceleration of scientific research:
Further reinforcing areas by AI technology where Japan has high international competitiveness such as regenerative medicine, material development and manufacturing.

Solution to societal problems:
Supporting projects that tackle critical problems by AI technology such as elderly health care, disaster resilience, and infrastructure management.

Analysis of ethical, legal and social issues of AI:
Discussing ethical codes and legal systems that will be necessary when infiltrating AI technology into our daily life.

Development of AI researchers and data scientists:
Contributing to raising the technology level of engineers in industry and students and researchers in academia, and establishing partnership with universities and research institutes in other countries.

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