TechBIZKON: Artificial Intelligence Connecting Startups and VCs

November 20, 2018, 15:00 - 18:30
dock-Toranomon by Creww Inc.
Swiss Business Hub Japan and Science and Technology Office of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan in cooperation with Advantage Austria and German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

TechBIZKON brings together startups, VCs, leading companies and tech specialists from the Austrian, German, Japanese and Swiss AI ecosystem. This is an international pitch-run, exhibition and networking event for AI solution providers, start-ups and investors with the objective of accelerating the commercialization of AI-based technologies and facilitating global partnerships as well as collaborations.

The Japanese Government promotes Artificial Intelligence to improve productivity and accelerate innovation  to overcome the challenges of  an acute labor shortage and a rapidly aging population. For the FY 2018, Yen 39.3 billion was budgeted for developing robotic technologies and AI chips for next-generation computers, Yen 19.6 billion for applying AI to medical data management and pharmaceutical research. 

TechBIZKON is a cross-industry and cross-boarder pitch event for Swiss, Austrian, German and Japanese AI-based tech start-ups.

Join us to pitch your business in Tokyo!