AI breakthrough streamlines diagnosis of heart problems

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AI breakthrough streamlines diagnosis of heart problems

A Japanese medical team has developed artificial intelligence that predicts whether emergency room patients with chest pain need to be treated with cardiac catheters based on the results of an electrocardiogram.

An article about the technology developed by Shinichi Goto, a research associate at Keio University’s school of medicine, and his team was published in U.S. science magazine Pros One on Jan. 9.

Goto’s team obtained the electrocardiograms of about 40,000 patients who visited the emergency room at Keio University Hospital over the past 10 years.

The team then used AI to study features of electrocardiograms from patients who required cardiac catheter treatment, such as those with a cardiac infarction or angina.

As a result, the AI can determine an appropriate treatment more accurately than experienced doctors using only electrocardiograms.


Among the various cardiac diseases that clog veins or impair blood flow, acute cardiac infarction that completely congests vessels quickly destroys cardiac muscle and can be fatal. Prompt restoration of the blood flow through cardiac catheter treatment is critical.

The AI is expected to simplify and speed up the diagnostic process, which currently requires specialist doctors to perform blood and ultrasound tests in addition to an electrocardiogram before arriving at a comprehensive diagnosis.

“We can someday detect problems before patients feel subjective symptoms,” said University of Tokyo Prof. Shu Takagi, who studies next-generation, data-based individualized medicine.Speech

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