Thin, flexible display developed to show full-color images on skin

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Thin, flexible display developed to show full-color images on skin

Dai Nippon Printing Co. and the University of Tokyo have teamed to develop a full-color thin display that is much more than skin deep.

Their new stretchable LED display, which fits on the skin, can show a wealth of image data and be used to show and transmit health information of the wearer.

"People more frequently communicate with each other in non-contact ways amid the novel coronavirus pandemic," said Takao Someya, an engineering professor at the university, who was involved in the development. "I want to study how communication will change if more various data can be shown on the skin."

The flexible rubber sheet material, measuring 8 centimeters long, 8 cm wide and 2 millimeters thick, is fitted with colored LED chips.

According to the July 13 announcement, the skin electronics display can show image data sent from smartphones and elsewhere. The button cell unit, combined with a communication circuit, are connected to the display so health and other information can be shown on it without the use of mobile devices.

Dai Nippon Printing unveiled a similar monochrome display in 2018, and the full-color version was completed by adopting a more minute wire arrangement to link LED.

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Sun, 08/09/2020 - 00:00