Nippon Steel and Idemitsu tackle plastic waste in recycling push

Nippon Steel and other industrial stalwarts of Japan are strengthening efforts to make use of plastic waste instead of shipping it abroad.

In addition to conventional recycling, companies are tapping waste plastic as an energy source and to extract materials that can be used in the manufacturing process. These moves have been prompted by a decline in plastic waste exports resulting from Chinese regulations and the pandemic-induced downturn.

Japanese automakers eye e-fuel as alternative to EVs
As the world shifts to more environmentally friendly ways to power cars and trucks, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles have grabbed much of the spotlight. But perhaps another type of fuel should be added to that list as a green alternative to gasoline: e-fuel.
1984 plastic bag, toothpaste tube found deep off Boso Peninsula
A 36-year-old plastic hamburger bag was found on the seabed more than 5,000 meters deep off the Boso Peninsula, underscoring the durability of the waste that is plaguing the world’s oceans. The bag and other plastic garbage were detected in the light emitted by the Shinkai 6500 manned research submersible operated by the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).
Taking over from honeybees: pollination done by soap bubbles

Pollen-bearing soap bubbles floating over orchards and farms may sound like fantasy, but such scenes could soon become reality.

The seemingly futuristic method of airborne pollination is the brainchild of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology here.

Trees and plants have already yielded fruit using this method, according to the institute.