Home and life improvements
Does your pet like to be fed at the most inconvenient times? Or do you find it tricky to find someone to feed your pet when you need to be away for a few days? Gadget-maker and importer G-Force’s Wagwag, a new brand of pet gadgets, could be just what you need.
Autonomous wheelchair trial starts in Tokyo
The realization of a society in which physically disabled people can be transported on autonomous wheelchairs at such places as airports and shopping centers has moved a step closer with the start of trials in Tokyo by Yokohama-based venture company Whill Inc. together with Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and others.
Sony’s Aibo to act as family watchdog
Sony Corp. said Wednesday it will start a new service of enabling users of its “aibo” robot dog to watch over their children or elderly family members at home from remote places through videos sent to their smartphones from the pet robot.