Material Science

Material Science
Ogimi, home to traditional Okinawan fabric
Where does the softness of this textile come from? The fabric — called bashofu — is woven with threads taken from the itobasho plant and has a history of more than 400 years as a kimono material for summer in Okinawa Prefecture.
Examining Japan's traditional paper trail
Early January in Japan is a time for resting and staying cosy. With falling temperatures, people like nothing more than diving under a kotatsu (heated table), visiting an onsen (hot spring) or tucking into a warming nabe hot pot, particularly following the busy new year festivities.
Japanese winner of L'Oreal-UNESCO award for female scientists looks to reshape materials research
From a young age, Dr. Yukiko Ogawa knew she wanted to become a scientist. Growing up in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture, she would spend hours after school creating objects in her bedroom. It was this curiosity and early ingenuity when it came to designing novel things that led Ogawa to where she is today.