Japanese automakers eye e-fuel as alternative to EVs
As the world shifts to more environmentally friendly ways to power cars and trucks, electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles have grabbed much of the spotlight. But perhaps another type of fuel should be added to that list as a green alternative to gasoline: e-fuel.
Honda drives drastic R&D reforms to reverse slow auto business

After Takahiro Hachigo took over at Honda Motor in 2015, the Japanese automaker has implemented a string of reforms to shore up its auto business, including closing plants at home and abroad and shaking up supply chains. But it left one entity untouched -- Honda R&D, its crown jewel research unit, once headed by legendary founder Soichiro Honda more than a half century ago.

Nidec to set up motor R&D site in China amid Sino-US tensions

Nidec, the world's largest motor manufacturer, will set up a new research and development facility in China for drive motors used in electric vehicles, Nikkei has learned, hoping to counter risks arising from Sino-U.S. tensions and also take in Chinese demand.