Japanese headlight maker switches gears to germ killer
Stanley Electric, a Japanese supplier of automotive headlights that often went unnoticed by investors before the novel coronavirus, possesses ultraviolet sterilizing technology considered crucial in preventing another outbreak.
The shape of water: what water molecules look like on the surface of materials
Water is a familiar substance that is present virtually everywhere. The properties of the first few layers of water molecules in contact with the surface of materials (called ‘surface water’) are especially important in materials science. In a recent study led by Prof Takahiro Yamamoto of Tokyo University of Science, scientists employed statistical data analysis tools to reveal what happens to water molecules on top of graphene.
Japan successfully zaps drones with microwave beams
It is one of the nightmares of the "drone age": waves of unmanned aircraft overwhelming defenses to unleash death and destruction. An agency under Japan's Defense Ministry is making progress toward countering the threat.