Japan figuring out how to deliver goods untouched by people amid pandemic
Getting products from one place to another with as little human contact as possible is becoming an imperative for businesses as retailers, warehouses and transport providers adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, seeking to minimize the risk of infections to their employees and customers.
PlayStation's secret weapon: a nearly all-automated factory

Sony's PlayStation has won hundreds of millions of fans across the world since its launch in 1994. But few know just how much of the console's success can be attributed to an unassuming factory located just across the bay from Tokyo. (Click here for a graphic-rich version of this article.)

Omron's factory robots report for virus-fighting duty

Omron has begun global sales of automated carrier robots fitted with ultraviolet lights or disinfectant sprayers that can sanitize hospitals and schools to prevent coronavirus infections, the Japanese company said Friday.

Swiss “Handshake” attracts Japan, becomes top hit
Building on the innovative, partly physical, partly web-based project “Handshake” initiated by design duo AATB and swissnex Boston, a Switzerland-Japan-US online panel discussion was organized in collaboration with the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan. The tricontinental program resulted in “Japan” and “Tokyo” becoming the top two hits by far among destinations engaging with the Swiss demonstration which connected the world with real hand-shaped robots that could be accessed online for interaction with others.
Sony to develop avatar robot with ANA startup
Sony looks to enhance next-generation robots from avatarin, a startup launched by Japanese carrier ANA Holdings, as interest grows in remote-control machines that can take the place of humans amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.